pinta fenband i alu

The window tape with a very high SD-value (> 1500 m) for interior sealing


Product information

Window installation indoors according to EnEV:

The pinta fenband i alu is the water vapour permeable bridging of the joint between window, door and brickwork indoors. It is also utilized in the metal- and conservatory construction. The adhesion technology enables high flexibility in processing the sealing tape. The quality of pinta fenband i alu remains effective throughout.

Products with a SD-value of >1500 m are defined as impermeable, products with a SD-value < 0,5 m considered permeable. Products in the intermediate range are defined as diffusion resistant.


Areas of application

  • Window and door sealing in the interior

  • Metal construction in the interior

  • conservatory construction in the interior


Colour / Delivery Form

  • silvery-white

  • on rolls

  • available in 4 adhesive varieties:

- with one-sided full-surface adhesive
- with self-adhesive strip (single or double-sided)
- with one-sided full-surface adhesive and self-adhesive strip on opposite side
- fixation by pinta fenband Kleber/glue



  • Aluminium tape including one-sided fleece

  • the fleece does not detach from the building foundation even during highest demands

  • UV-stabilized

  • Alkali-resistant

  • easily plastered over


Product Advantages

  • very high SD-value >1500 m

  • malleable and foldable – ideal for corners

  • further designs available on request



The sealing tape is attached to the window frame with the self-adhesive strip. Depending on the design, this is done before or after installing the window. The joint is filled up with PU-foam subsequently. After the hardening of the foam, the tape is tape is attached extensively and without cavities onto the structure with pinta fenband Kleber / glue.

The butt joints of the tape are sealed with pinta fenband Kleber/ glue or butyl self-adhesive strips. The pinta fenband i alu can now be plastered over.

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