pinta PE Rundschnur / round cord

For all building and expansion joints


Product information

The pinta PE Rundschnur / round cord is the professional backfill for most construction and expansion joints, conforming to the building construction DIN 18540.

The PE joint filling profile is an elastic closed-celled polyethylene foam used as back-filling material indoors, as well as outdoors.


Areas of application

  • Backfill indoors and outdoors


Colour / Delivery Form

  • anthracite

  • Ø 6 – 30 mm – rolled material

  • Ø 40 und 50 mm – in lengths of 1 m

  • Sold only in complete units. Please ask for additional Ø.



  • Backfill material for most constructions and expansion joints for the interior and exterior

  • prevents three-point adhesion

  • Ageing resistant


Product advantages

  • Adhesion of sealant at joint edges is improved enormously 

  • applicable with absorbing materials

  • vast saving potential of sealants (e.g. silicone) by reducing the joint depth



Choose the diameter of the PE joint filling profile according to the adjoining chart and press into the joint. The round cord needs to be installed in such a way that the joint depth amounts to half the width approximately. Fill the rest of the joint with a sealant and even the surface with an appropriate tool.

The ideal proportion for sealants (e.g. silicone, acrylic) of width/depth is 2:1 (at a maximum depth of 10 to 12 mm).


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