pinta HBDS high kerb sealing tape


Product information

Some things need never be changed and have proven their quality million-fold through decades. One of these few things is the pioneer pinta HBDS high kerb sealing tape.

The pinta HDBS high kerb sealing tape consists of a polyurethane flexible foam, furnished on one side with a self-adhesive coating.


Areas of application

Permanently elastic joint sealing for high and low kerbs, and moulded blocks (oder bricks). Applicable wherever excellent waterproof, permanently elastic and shock absorbing properties in a joint sealing system are needed.

The permanent elastic property of the material ensures that the sealing always sits flush against even erratic seams, therefore allowing any movement of the joint, without the risk of it becoming detached.



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The pinta HBDS high kerb sealing tape is an open-cell and permanently elastic flexible foam impregnated with bitumen, developing optimum sealing qualities in a compressed state. While being compressed, the sealing´s volume is only reduced in the pressing direction. The cells coated with bitumen stick together, forming a waterproof and age-resistant sealing material.

The pinta HBDS high kerb sealing tape does not escape sideways, ooze or spill out of the seam.

Product advantages*

  • rapid and easy installing through self-adhesive fitting and custom-fit shapes

  • no cost-intensive cleaning of the seams needed

  • no leaching of the back-fill

  • no chipping off of the kerb due to small movements of the joints

  • resistant against de-icing salt solutions, alkaline liquids, exhaust gases, sulphur and nitrogen dioxides when the cross-section of the original pintaband high kerb sealing tape has been reduced to at least 33% by pressure.

  • solvent-free, no hazardous substance


 * The properties are partially dependent on the amount of pressure applied. See separate handling and laying instructions.


Tape sizes / Delivery forms

The stamped part is custom developed for the following kerb stones with cut-outs enabling a custom-fit adhesive bonding and installment:

  • Standard size: 15 x 20 x 500 mm for high kerb profiles 100 x 30 x 15 x 12 mm
  • 400 or 200 pcs per carton

For special applications this material is also available in other dimensions (as 2 m strips or pre-compressed on rolls). Dimensional tolerance according to DIN 7715 P3.



The sealing effect of the original pinta high kerb sealing tape increases with growing pressure. To achieve an ideally effective, permanently elastic and age-resistant seal, the pinta HBDS high kerb sealing tape has to be pressed down to at least 33% of its original thickness between the joint face.

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