pinta Repaband Alu

The repair tapes


Product information

The pintaband Repaband Alu is an aluminium foil coated with elastomer bitumen. The repair tapes are self-adhesive sealing tapes, to be processed cold. The foil is surface-coated and UV-resistant, therefore having a very good mechanical stability. 

The coating compound consists of elastomer bitumen and high-class adhesive resin, protected by a silicone-coated foil. The repair tape adheres and protects metal, synthetics, concrete and wood reliably.


Areas of application

  • Connections on roofs and walls

  • Glass-roofs and greenhouses

  • Covers

  • Steel construction

  • Roof covering, eaves and flashing

  • Gutters


Colour / Delivery Form

  • Lead-coloured, aluminium clear, black

  • on rolls



  • Surface coated

  • UV-resistant

  • each roll is sealed individually

Product advantages

  • self-adhesive

  • processed cold

  • good mechanical stability



The surfaces to be sealed need to be dry, free of grease and silicone, and non-abrasive. Porous surfaces need to be treated with an etching primer so as to achieve a perfect adherence. The most favourable application temperature lies between 5°C and 45°C air and surface temperature. At lower temperatures, the coating compound can be tempered with a propane flame or a hot-air fan. After application, the repair tape has to be pressed down firmly. Avoid the forming of blisters or cavities. Should several strips need to be applied, they need to overlap by at least 50 mm. Surfaces fit for traffic or to be walked on, are not suitable.



Dry, not exposed to direct sunlight, lying on the cutting edges, not susceptible to frost. To be processed within 12 months.



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