pintaband B 300

The sealing tape for the interior and exterior; driving rain resistant up to 450 Pa


Product information

The pintaband B300 BG2 is a joint sealing tape consisting of impregnated foam. It is utilized in the interior and exterior sealing of joints and connections against driving rain tested up to even 450 pa in window construction, as well as the entire sector of building construction.

Due to its special properties, it is particularly useful for the coupling in window frames. The simple installation enables a fast and efficient sealing, even with complicated connections.


Areas of application

  • Window and interior construction

  • Façade engineering, wood and metal construction

  • Concrete and dry-walling

  • Pre-fabricated housing, container and roof construction etc.


Colour / Delivery Form

  • grey, black

  • pre-compressed onto a roll



  • Reaction to fire according to DIN 4102-1 B2, ABP-Nr. P-NDS04-1045

  • open to water vapour diffusion acc. to DIN 18542 BG2

  • driving rain resistent ≥ 450 Pa
  • consistent quality guaranteed through regular third-party- and self-monitoring


Product Advantages*

  • seals against driving rain, wind, dust and water spray

  • heat insulating and sound absorbing (59dB)

  • controlled expanding behaviour


 * The characteristics are partially dependent on the amount of pressure applied. See separate handling and installation instructions.



The joint edges need to run parallel. Measure the width of the joints and choose the appropriate tape size in compliance with the joint tolerance determined and any joint movement (if necessary use several tape sizes). As far as the joint depth is concerned, please note that the tape has to be laid inwards by 2 mm from the front edge of the joint for safety reasons.

If installed in joints underlying particularly high strains (parking decks, sewage plants, bridge construction etc) please provide us with the appropriate details, so that we may provide you with the corresponding technical support.

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