pintaband D 600

The sealing tape for the exterior, directly exposed to weather


Product information

The pintaband D600, according to DIN standard 18542 BG1, is a sealing tape consisting of impregnated foam. It serves for the primary sealing of seams and junctions directly exposed to weather.

It is heat insulating and sound absorbing, in addition to sealing against wind, dust and spray water, thereby reducing energy costs immediately and maintaining the value of the building structure.


Areas of application

  • Window construction, interior construction

  • Façade engineering (including natural stone)

  • Thermo insulation composite system, latticework, wood and metal construction

  • Pre-fabricated housing, container and roof construction (e.g. wind-tight bonding of foil), noise protection, etc.


Colour / Delivery Form

  • grey, black

  • pre-compressed onto a roll

  • not pre-compressed in strips of 2,00 m



  • heat insulating and sound absorbing (59dB)
  • compatible with adjoining building materials according to DIN 18542 BG1

  • driving rain resistant ≥ 600 Pa

  • open to vapour diffusion according to DIN 18542 BG1

  • temperature-change resistance according to DIN 18542 BG1, tested from - 30°C to + 90°C according to RAL-GZ 711

  • resistant to the effects of light and moisture acc. DIN 18542 BG1

  • Reaction to fire according to DIN 4102-1 B1, ABP-Nr. P-NDS04-850

  • consistent quality guaranteed through regular third-party and self-monitoring (MPA Hannover, ift Rosenheim)

Product advantages

  • seals against wind, dust and driving rain

  • controlled expanding behaviour

  • 10 years functional guarantee according to manufacturer's conditions**

 * The characteristics are partially dependent on the amount of pressure applied. See separate handling and installation instructions.

** The manufacturer's conditions are available upon request.

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